Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1932, June 6: HMK to RH -- Seeking Employment

Monday, June 6th, 1932

My dear R.H.,

It was like you to make such a gesture and if so tragic a thing should happen, I will send Peter off to you for I know of no person who would appreciate his magnificent character more than you would nor be kinder to him. I do not know yet what the outcome will be nor what I will have to do. I am trying to find what in the vernacular is called a job, any kind of a job but so are some millions of others but I have not lost hope and I am not under any circumstances licked. No we do not sub-let apartments (the reason I write so badly is that I fell on a wet pavement and sprained my right arm and shoulder badly and so as the small boy said, "nuthin could hurt no worser.") We have a larger apartment than we needed so we took in two other men which was an economic arrangement working splendidly as long as we could keep up our end of it and it is that problem which confronts us now. Richard Hall who has been my best friend for twenty years was also hit in the Krueger smash and worse than that his mother and sisters at Kingston. It is that which causes me the most concern for they are like my own flesh and blood. Mother Hall is ninety and writes us daily to be courageous and not lose hope that things might be much worse so that one cannot give way to despair with such an example of high courage and faith to light the way. She was a famous beauty in her youth, a tiny thing and much younger still in many ways [more] than we are. No one has bought either of the stories as yet and I like them as well as the others but let us still hope. My agents wanted to get me more money than the Review pays but I shall re-call them and perhaps the Review will take them yet. So do not worry dear R.H. Whatever comes we will face with laughter. That is the only thing to do. I saw a lone daffodil yesterday and a hedge of yellow forsythia. God must still be in his heaven.

Faithfully and painfully,

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