Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1933, Jan 1: HMK to RH -- Shaker Hollow Purchase

Shaker Hollow
South Salem, Westchester Co., NY
Telephone South Salem 133

January 1, 1933

My dear R.H., Happy New Year,

Thanks R.H for your Christmas card and forgive one for not having written so long ago - And here is ....for you-- When in ... at a loss of him which may turn but still secure in the knowledge that there much the same way with God-- their place was offered to us--this as a refuge and near as something holding greater hope of the time at hand-- It is a lovely old house belonging to Juliana Force who is head of the Whitney Museum of American Art -- She had owned it for seven years. Never lived in it and out of a clear blue sky asked us to occupy it-- as it was being neglected frightfully by a ... caretaker-- The house is so lovely and has done so much to restore it that Mrs. Force has sent up from another house in Pennsylvania what is probably the finest collection of old Shaker furniture in America-- We have christened the place Shaker Hollow. The furniture is really ... on which shall give our visitors tea or lunch or dinner and I shall run that end of it. -- which brings me here to a confession that in the world of motion pictures I have a really great reputation as a cook. I used to cook for relaxation for it just s much an art as painting or music if you love it and know it-- and I do. So if you have any sacred family recipes-- send them on. Mrs. Force gave me this stationary for Christmas but I will write you soon all about the home. Norma & HB came and stayed with us a week and went on to Kingston for Christmas and hated to go away again from its beauty and its peace.

And so opens a new chapter and we look forward to it with anticipation-- Do wish me good luck and write me a birthday letter for on Wednesday I shall be 21+.


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