Thursday, December 20, 2007

1951, c. March 14: HMK Obituary

Death Sudden To Hermann Smith

Hermann M.K. Smith, one of Kingston's best known residents, died in Plymouth Monday morning. His death came suddenly, although he had been in ill health for a lengthy period.  Noted author, radio commentator, and lecturer, Mr. Smith made his home at "Singing Hills," on Elm Street in Kingston.

He was best known in his later years for articles on cooking and home decorating and for his weekly radio talks on the Marjorie Mills program. He was for many years manager for a New York dress designer, and was a costume director at Famous Players in the days of Rudolf Valentino. He was also affiliated with the Mary Margaret MacBride radio show in New York at one time. Author of "Stina, The Story of a Cook," and "Kitchens Far and Near," he was working on a book about Kingston and his life and friends in the town at the time of his death. He had made his home in Kingston since 1917, and three years ago he and Charles Mullen, with whom he lived, purchased the house on Elm Street.

Active in the First Parish Church in Kingston he was a member of the Membership Committee there. He is survived by a niece, in South Bend, Ind.

On Wednesday, Rev. L. Gordon Adamson of Lebanon, N.H. officiated at funeral services in the First Parish Church. Rev. Adamson was a close friend of Mr. Smith and was formerly pastor at the Kingston church. Cremation followed, at Forest Hills.

[HMK lived much of his life suffering from severe diabetes, known to run in the family.  He died in March, 1951 of a cerebral hemorrhage and complications of diabetes.]

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