Monday, August 10, 2009

1933, c. June 1: HMK to RH -- Attached To Shaker Hollow Advertisement

[Undated Letter, c. June 1, 1933]

Dear R.H.

I reserved your letter and itinerary so carefully that now I cannot find it all in the welter of a neglected desk so do write me at once again the day and hour and the boat. H.B. is sailing for Spain on the 25th. I only just heard from Norma that he is in New York and not very well and I have just written him to come out at once and perhaps you may see him yet at any rate I shall try to arrange it for you. The pink snapdragons you sent me are in flower and the gay little Rosy Morn petunias and the pansies continue to bloom and smile as plentifully and as gaily as ever. This is our announcement and map made for me by Bill Longyear who gets fabulous prices for doing them but he made mine as the negro says "Free, Gratis and fer Nuthin'." Let us hope the foolish fates will not send me a mob on the day you sail but promise to phone me at the appointed time. Go on with your packing and hatting and dressing and whatnot now. You should learn to trot the globe like I did in a single bag. They do sell toothpaste and soap and the like in Europe. Norma, by the way, is not mad with me and I am glad of that. She may go to Ashville for the summer. Do write me at once now about your sailing. Peter stays out still but at four yesterday when a terrific thunder storm came up he was asking meekly from the terrace to be let in. No, I'm wrong, he was demanding that I come down and open the door at once whereupon it was I who came meekly down to do it.


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