Wednesday, October 21, 2009

1930, Nov 2 - HMK to Rena Harrell

Sunday afternoon,
November 2, 1930

My dear R.H.,

Thanks for the "Sceptre" which is the better for its form and for what you have to say about books but is as you say "young."  I like Inez Dellinger's verse "Seasonal" - can't see how any girl born and living in Japan can describe a Japanese mountain as a "Hogback" - could shake Margaret Jones for missing her mark in what should have been a fine bit.  In "Appeal" was amused by a condescension to Virgil.  Now what is wrong with Ariel McNinch for saying green is an ugly color, and will not write to you again until you have read "The Wind Bloweth."  If I could write one book like that I should think that I had not lived in vain.  I think most modern musicians are either mad or fakers and hope Dr. Ninnis will be here on the 4th of January when Margaret Volavy gives her piano recital.  Thanks for the name.  I'll use it sometime on a story and see what becomes of it.  I'm not the least Gaelic.  I'm glad you liked Komroff's Coronet.  He's a strange duck, but nice.  If I had a garden I should have every color known to man and gods and a few more including blue and even suspected lavendar.  

I have some ten stories out with Editors, among them "The Power and Peril of Color," which your friend's photoplay will have in January so you can see some of my theories on the subject.  On a rainy day a few weeks ago I went up to Quincy, Mass. and gave my color lecture before 1600 high school students.  They ate it up, surprisingly, and I dare say there are some new experiments in color in sweaters, etc.  I should judge you liked blue, do you? 

I haven't been doing much.  Went to a couple of terrible shows.  They grow worse.  H.B. has rushed off from Yazoo City and you can tell your faculty member that he is a person to be proud of.  Norma comes from Jackson and is as clever and vivacious as H.B. is wise and silent.  My agent sent "Lilies of Jade" to "The Journal" and they said they had not hated to return a story so much for a long time but that it was a bit too thin for them.  It was a mistake for if one had not read "The Smile of Buddha" it would seem thin.  He has sent it to someone else again but I wrote it for "The Review" and will get it to them soon.  Thanks and now get busy and read that book so you can write me soon again.


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Victoria Jackson said...

Hello, Thanks for publishing Herman's letters. They are very interesting. I'm working on a research project looking at colour in film in the 1920s and wondered if you had any more information on Herman's "The Power and Peril of Color," (i assume this was a script?) or more generally his opinions, experiences etc of colour and or colour and film in the 1920s 1930s?

Many thanks for your help.


Vicky J