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1926, Jun 22: HMK to HH Brickell-- Business Transactions

Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Paramount Pictures
Sixth and Pierce Avenues
Long Island City, N.Y.
Astoria 3500
Cable Address FamFilm

June 22, 1926

Mr. Herschel Brickell,
Paris, France.

My dear Herschel:

No doubt you have been wondering and perhaps with some disturbance of mind, as to why I had not written you after my first cable that everything at your apartment had been settled -- but I am sure Charlie has explained that part of the difficulty to you, namely: that John Peyton's friends who expected to come north changed their plans two days after I cabled you and directly after that John himself lost his position through the closing of the New York office of the firm by whom he was employed.

The apartment was vacant for some time, and owing to the fact that furnished apartments are a drug on the market at this season of the year, I advertised it in the Times and finally placed it with the Spencer Real Estate Company. Between us both we succeeded in renting both the front and rear apartments, but were compelled to take less than we had hoped, in order to get anything at all.

The front apartment rents for $75 and the rear one for $30, making a total of $105 which does not cover your rent, but it was either this or nothing and I felt it was wisest to get at least this much rather than leave you with this additional burden.

The girls who have the apartment seem to be all right, but we can best judge that when they first pay their rent.

The enclosed letters will explain themselves, and having heard nothing from Miss Chisholm, I have paid the telephone bill which-- she and her sister-in-law left, amounting to $22.56. The statement which John Peyton made out shows the expenditures of everything he collected from Miss Chisholm with the exception of a few cents.

I received from Miss Ozburn $75 and from the Spencer Co. $15, making a total of $90.

Not being able to find any curtains in the apartment of any kind, I was compelled to buy both sash curtains and overdrapes which I had made here at the studio and which cost $13.95. The advertisement in the Times cost $2.60 and with the telephone bill of $22.56 this makes a total of $39.11.

I am depositing to your account, the balance of $50.89 which clears matters until the first of July.

I am sorry you have had such difficulty with this matter and I know that it has worried you, but I think everything will now be all right. I wish, however, that you would write me as to when you expect to return so that I can give due notice to the tenants who I think have been informed that they may have the apartments until October first as I have understood that this is when you are to return.

As soon as I find time I will write you a more personal letter and tell you the news of our mutual friends and other things.

Hoping to hear from you when you get time and with my best love to Norma, I am

Yours faithfully,


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