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1951, April 6: Charley Mullen to Shine- HMK Funeral

Friday, April 6th, 1951

Dear “Shine”:

I received your very nice letter in yesterday’s mail.  Thank you so much for it.

I returned “Home” to Kingston last Monday after my visit with Gretchen and Lyle and also with some other friends in New York.  I agree with you that Gretchen and Lyle are wonderful friends to have.  Herman and I have always considered them as two of the best.  They both have done much to help me carry on during those past difficult days.  I am now trying to do my best to keep my “Chin” up as Herman would want me to do.  I know in the days ahead I will have many lonely hours but that is to be expected and only natural after more than 29 years of close association with Herman.

Dick’s old minister who did the “Services” for Herman’s funeral has sent me several copies of the complete “Services” and I am enclosing one copy for you with the request that you later forward the copy to Carribel and she, perhaps, can have copies made up to give to each of the members of Herman’s family.  It was indeed a very lovely service and exactly what Herman himself would have wished for. 

I am enclosing a copy of a poem - entitled “IMMORTALITY” - which Herman was to read at his broadcast the following Wednesday- the day of his funeral services.  A few weeks before he died he had me type copies of his poem and gave me one to keep always to remember him when he would no longer be here with me.  I know you will think it a beautiful poem - so befitting for what later happened.

My plans are to remain here at “home” in Singing Hills for the next six months or a year at least.  I will, of course, have to share the house with someone and as a matter of fact yesterday I arranged with a very nice middle-aged couple who are personal friends of one of the directors of the Bank in Plymouth and who had them get in touch with me - to have them come to stay for the “Season” from May 15th to October 1st.  They will occupy the bedroom, the small adjoining room and bath that Herman and I used on the first floor of the main part of the house.  In the wing of the house which we converted into a small “apartment” where I have been using as my little “Shop” (gifts, etc.) since last “Fall” I will also secure one person for the “Season” as I am compelled to do this in order to afford to carry on here in “Singing Hills”.  Herman’s financial affairs were in very bad shape.  I discovered that he was paid very little a year for his radio work and how he managed to carry on for the past six years with such a small income I do not know.  Herman would never confide in me anything concerning his financial affairs and I am sorry he did not for I am sure I could have helped solve for him some of his problems and relieved him of so much worries too.  I have the house with a mortgage and most of Dick’s old lovely furniture which I intend to do my best to hold on to as long as I can, as that is what Herman would wish me to do I am sure.

If you ever come on a visit to Gretchen I do hope she will drive you up here to visit me.  I will do my best to welcome any of Herman’s relatives at anytime when they can come. 

You certainly have had your hands full and so much sorrow this past year and I do hope the future will bring to you peace and comfort, which you deserve. 

So write me sometime Shine.  If I ever do get out to Detroit I certainly will come to visit you and Don.

Kindest thoughts and best regards to all there.


[Charles Vincent Mullen, HMK's Partner]

[Shine is Ruth Schmidt Noble (1892-1986), niece of HMK and my great-aunt.  She was married to Donald Adelbert Noble.  I recall our family attending their large family 50th wedding anniversary party Niles, MI, 1966, when I was 10 y/o.]


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